Hat Designs

Below are all of the designs I offer. Fit and design characteristics are listed in each description. All hats can be made with luxury merino wool or premium acrylic yarn. Sizing from newborn to adults.

The Flathead

Pick two colors for this design! Fits snugly and has a tiny bit of an overhang off the back.

Can be made in all sizes.

The Dawson

This hat is an oversized, chunky knit. It's knit with super bulky yarn to give it bulk and texture. More of a relaxed fit with some overhang to it.

Can be made in all sizes.

Crazy Cables

If you like modern cables and lots of texture, this one might be right up your alley. Super thick and fluffy knit! Fits snugly, with minimal overhang.

Adult sizes only.

The Enola

A very uniquely textured hat with lots of stretch. It's a fluffy one! Fits snugly with minimal to no overhang.

Can be made in all sizes.

The Flora

Fun design in this pattern! This hat has a bit of overhang to it.

Can be made in all sizes.

The Tibblefork

A simple design knit in super bulky yarn for that oversized look. Has quite a bit of an overhang to it.

Can be made in all sizes.

Find Your Way

A design that reflects the ups and downs in life. Pick 2 colors for this hat. Fits snugly with minimal to no overhang.

Can be made in all sizes.

The Winterfell

Pick 2 colors for this design. It looks extra nifty if you choose one of the hand dyed luxury yarns to pair with a solid color. Fits snugly with no overhang.

Can be made in all sizes.

The October

Probably my most popular offering! This hat has lots of cables and a fold over cuff. It's got a lot of stretch to it and medium overhang.

Can be made in most sizes.

The Mila

Pick 2 colors for this design! Looks really cute with a solid color and a hand dyed or variegated contrasting color. Fit's snugly with minimal to no overhang.

Can be made in all sizes.

The Lunares

Lunares means dot/polka dots in Spanish. ( That's what the pattern designer said. ) Pick 2 colors for this one.

Fits snugly with no overhang.

Adult sizes only.

The Hale

This is a chunky design, knit with super bulky yarn for lots of squish. Fits with some overhang.

Can be made in all sizes.

The Crush Chapeau

This beautiful hat can be a two color or single color option. I love the fit of this hat, and its cute braid accent strings just seal the deal for being of my favorites!

The Rivulet Beanie

The squish factor on the brim of this hat is incredible! Fits snugly with no overhang at the back. If you want a cozy cute hat, give this one a try! Can also be made in a two color version.

The Whirlstream Beanie

A fun wrap around "whirl" goes all the way around this cute hat. Fits snugly with no overhang.

Coming soon!

Solid Colors

Below are the colors I'm carrying currently. My stock does change frequently, but please ask me about availability or a certain color preference, and I will do my best to match your vision. I can't showcase all of the others I may have ( Malabrigo colors or other luxury wools) because stock is limited and sporadic.

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Pom Pom Options

My standard pom size is 6" for adult sizes, and 3-4" for baby/toddler sizes.


An off white with some tan ends interspersed throughout. It reminds me of a perfectly toasted marshmallow. ( Which I don't find perfect at all. Burn mine black, please. )


A great neutral option that will go with almost anything! I named it Chloe because its coloring is very similar to my little Yorkie, Chloe.

Spiced Cider

As with the cool standard, this one can also be paired with almost any color. A warmer neutral that makes me think of a warm mug of apple cider.


Named after the apex predator in Montana, this warm brown with some black ends looks just like one of our local favorites,


A beautiful warm, cream neutral with some dark brown strands interspersed throughout.


A beautiful blush color, reminiscent of a glass of rosé.


A fluffy grey with warm tones added in. Beautiful neutral!


A pretty lavender that reminds me of the lone foxglove I once grew on accident.

New color!


A cooler toned solid grey.


A neutral with a tiny hint of color. This one has a rosy colored light pink combined with tans and some dark brown tips.


A pretty rustier colored orange paired with white reminds me of my favorite ice cream bar.


This is a darker orange on a black base, so the black and orange show throughout the whole pom.

Cotton Candy

This fur reminds me of cotton candy from the fair, when I was a kid. With a white base and bright pink tips, you're sure to get compliments on this one.

Electric Pink

This feels rebellious and a little punk to me! Hot pink on a black base. It's an eye-catcher!


A dark purple paired with black reminiscent of our most popular native berry in Montana.


This is a nice intense blue with a black base.

Blue Ice

Darker than a baby blue and paired with a black base, this cool toned pom would look great on a multitude of colors. The pile is about 3".

It's the 80's!

This pom reminds me of my childhood. I had jackets and bathing suits and everything else in these colors. Ahhh, the good old days.

Black Cherry

This is such a beautiful mix of maroons, tiny bits of pink, and black. One of my favorites!

Blue Raspberry

Blue raspberry Icee's used to be my favorite thing in the world when I was a kid. The turquoise in this reminds me of a those colored sugar water slushies.


If this doesn't scream Cruella de Ville, I don't know what does.

Key Lime

Does this not make you crave a slice of key lime pie? Oh, just me?

Rocky Pine

A dark forest green reminiscent of all of our beautiful pine trees in the Rocky Mountain Range.